Surrey Driving School

The Best ICBC Class 4, 5 & 7 Driving School In Surrey, BC

Dominion driving academy is a licensed and certified in accordance with Britich Columbia  regulations set for driving schools and is known for best ICBC driver safety training, helping many acquire new and safe driving skills. Our instructors are state certified, experienced and professional trainers with a vision for providing traffic safety education for teen and adult drivers. Each of our instructors is qualified to instruct, coach, test and connect with new student drivers and make their learning experience relevant to their life. Dominion driving academy is a ICBC Approved driving school and provides class 4,5 & 7 lessons in Surrey and near by cities in Lower mainland and Fraser valley area.

Surrey Driving School for ICBC Class 4, 5 & 7 Driving Lessons

Nearly everyone learns to drive a vehicle at some point in life. Well, learning to drive is not of much appreciation but learning to drive defensively is of great importance. It is observed that more often than not, people tend to lean towards family individuals, and friends for the beginner’s driving dogma. The overall apprehension behind relying on loved and trusted ones is the mutual comfort element and the obvious financial savings. Certainly, an individual who has to learn to drive is expected to choose their loved individuals over private and corporate driving school. Nowadays, the driving game is no longer the same. There are many new rules and regulations which are given a lot of importance, not to draw a blank over the numerous minute complications that have emerged as a result of the strict traffic decree. In a time of such grim traffic discipline, there is a serious need of proper driving education which is only achievable after a full-fledged driving course at Dominion driving academy.